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4DMAX 9D VR Cinema Experience Center


By Guangzhou Yingda Technology Co.,Ltd. 2018-06-08


4DMAX 9D VR cinema entertainment experience center is the places which they can make viewers enjoy stimulation immersive&shocking VR experience,the 5DOF 9D VR chair movements can sync with playing the action movies completely,it can be most experienced in many places, such as theme park, shopping mall, VR hall, etc,we have our own professional VR film production teams, hardware team, intellectual rights, etc,we should supply one-stop after-sale services for customers.


New Design 360 spinning 9D VR Experience Hall


By Guangzhou Yingda Technology Co.,Ltd. 2018-07-15


By seated in our new design crank 360degree spinning VR chair, you will enjoy visual wonderful VR experience by wearing VR headset,you will feel different wonderful scenery&met wind,rain effects like 5D cinema, films are undersea adventure, roller coaster, kid movies, Mars space, etc,Yingda will also supply our custom-made film contents service for customers,it will make your VR hall become special&interesting in this VR industry, such as VR experience exhibition, VR cinema, VR education, VR fire, etc.


4DMAX 24seater 9D VR Theater Panoramic Scheme


By Guangzhou Yingda Technology Co.,Ltd. 2018-07-15


There are totally 24 people in this VR dynamic theater,1person/seat,6seats/row. The dynamic seat is our 5DOF VR dynamic seat that can spin left/right 360 degrees, swing from side to side, back and forth, up and down. The VR dynamic seat is our patented product of Yingda technology. The VR theater also adds the environmental effects such as wind, rain and smells like 5D cinema, the audience can not only enjoy the immersive VR experience.Y ou can also experience a variety of 5D cinema environmental effects. A perfect visual feast awaits your experience. If you want to know more about 9d vr simulator, please check the link.


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