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Are u ready to experience a new way to watching movies? Are u reay to try a new form of entertainment like u are In the story?


We are! A warm welcome our very good friend Mr Ahmed from Saudi Arabia come and discuss about their 9d Virtual Rreality Chair with us. For this vr cinema project, we will offer whole equipment for Mr Ahmed include 9 seats 360 degree rotating vr chair, 3Glasses VR helmet and whole VR cinema Control system.


As for our 360 degree rotating vr chair , it is new 1rt&2rd generation VR chairs, it can not only fully realize 5DOF motion effects when experiencing it, such as 3DOF(vibrating,swing forward/back,up/down,forward/back)+2DOF(Left/right 360°spinning movements),also including VR interactive contents, rain, wind, smell, fog effects etc. It can make audiences enjoy shock&realistic experience with free 360° vision,there are many places using our VR chairs in the world,such as amusement center,shopping mall,theme park,etc.


We should promise that we will supply our 4DMAX unique design&top quality VR chair for our customers,the full equipments are including 9D vr chair, VR play software,VR PC Control System,PC cabinet,VR Movies,VR headset,Wiring parts etc. If u are interested too, pls feel free to contact us.


Watching your favourite movies has never been so immersive as in our VR Cinema! Bringing the atmosphere of your favourite cinema straight to your home enables you to relive all those exciting moments you had when you first stepped into the auditorium!


VR Cinema allows you to see your favourite movies in virtual reality,creating a full, eye-opening experience with the latest3Glasses headphones and 360 degree rotating motion vr!


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