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The Basic Components of The Transformer

Transformer components include the body of (core, the winding, insulation, lead), transformer oil, fuel tank and cooling devices, pressure devices, protective devices (moisture, safety airways, gas relay, conservator and temperature measuring devices) and bushing.


  1. Core


Core transformer in the main part of the magnetic circuit. Usually basic components of a transformer consists of a high silicon content, thickness, respectively 0.35mm \ 0.3mm \ 0.27mm, the surface coated with insulating paint hot or cold rolled silicon steel sheet piled up.


Iron legs and cross piece into two parts, legs sheathed with windings; cross-piece is closed magnetic purposes.


The basic form of the core structure determined formula shell two.


  1. Winding


It is part of the transformer winding circuit, which is double insulated flat wire or silk bag enamelled round wire wound into.


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