4D Motion Theater/4D Home Cinema/VR Cinema – Enjoy Immersive &  Realistic Entertainment Experience


Yingda Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010, our main products are 4D movie theater, themed park 5D cinema, 4D home cinema, home cinema dynamic chair, VR cinema,etc.we have a branch office in Guangzhou. What’s more, our headquarter&factory are both located in Beijing, there are more than 100 employees, including Research and Development team, Motion Code Software Development team, Design&professional engineers with more than 8 years‘ experiences.


As one of the most professional Research and Development 5D cinema manufacturers, our factory has our own independent intellectual property rights and patent, it is the first company to launch the 4D motion cinema and side-line range of products. Over the years, we have been sticking to the business philosophy of customer demands, after years of continuous development, it has formed the distinct business features itself, established the leading market position in 4D effects cinema.


Our goal is to make customers enjoy realistic,thrilling&immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body&stimulate imagination through motion, we have strong desire to enhance the experience, move the film, move the life.


Motion Code Technology


4DMAX motion code system generates the real-life motion effects, such as vibrating,pitch, rolling, left/right, forward/back, etc,it can bring viewers great entertainment experiences,the viewers feel like they are actually inside the movie,motion code is updated in real time for customers,it also has about 5-6film updates each month. Once you’ve tried motion code system, you will never want to watch another movie, 4DMAX motion effects are totally addictive.


4DMAX Cinema Expert–Supplying Ideal Solutions for 4D/5D Theater&9D VR Cinema


We have our own independent intellectual property rights&patent,also hold our brand of ‘’4DMAX’’ for all products in our factory,the main point is to help customers supply our ideal solutions for 4D/5DTheater&VR Cinema, including cinema plan design,theater panoramic renderings,on-scene installation&debugging,technical training,etc. And we are also a 7D cinema manufacturer, there are many choices for you to choose.


4DMAX Quality Strict Inspection&After-sale Service


Yingda Technology has successfully gained our full ranges of product patents,including product body design,motion platform system,etc,we surely did pass the different quality certificates of CE/ISO,etc,Yingda will do strict quality testing before delivery,we will show the testing process in the next content,with our superior quality&top-class after-sale service,we will have cooperated with many partners,such as Europe,USA,Canada,Africa,Kuwait,etc.


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