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I like the theory he’s going to be either

I like the theory he’s going to be either the next spotlight sim/whatever spotlight type thing the do second’s reward. Or like they do another spotlight sim type item, you get another Opal and you then lock the Harden and the next opal in nba 2k21 mt to find a GO Kobe. That’s a great take. I can see happening, particularly since they’re giving us a chance at so many tokens. I might have to get started grinding domination for all those tokens.i think kobe was one of the three GO players along with such as lebron and vince carter that they had from the token market at the end of 2K18 or 19.

Can’t understand why some people are so adamantly against giving out a free, great Kobe. What is such a big deal about everybody having Kobe for four weeks to celebrate himthen from 2K21 on he’s in packs like everyone else. Just do not get why that destroys NBA 2K for anybody lmao. People are pissed since this Kobe card is worse than each single packable card which has come out in recent releases. Diamond Grayson Allen shouldn’t be better than Pink Diamond Kobe just because Kobe is totally free.

The matter is 2K gave us a”pink diamond” Kobe that is not remotely usable in online play against the computer on any issue above all star for this issue and you know they are going to launch a Kobe card that is godly in packs to gain from Kobes passing. I don’t think anybody is against it. If 2K had published a free opal Kobe, I don’t think many would have whined. The matter is that the men and women who believe that they had been entitled to whatever bc Kobe expired. People were demanding free cards and jerseys from 2K. 2K finally gives a free card, people are still complaining. They didn’t want the card to remember Kobe, they simply wanted a great card for their Myteam.

I get that side of things and it is certainly shitty that people were just focused on MyTeam. But at the same time I have noticed a ton of folks saying it would ruin NBA 2K cause everybody would have him and it is just a stupid thing to do. That seems weird to me just like each group having him is more like a celebration IMO. Still feels great to see that PD take the fangs when he gets hot tho. I can’t see how anybody can make the argument that everyone having him would destroy NBA 2K. He does not receive the best animations and he is not super tall for his position. Kobe has always had high tier cards at myteam and I can not remember when they were the best in his position. And more slender”PGs” such as Magic or Lebron were always superior to use. If Kobe was like Giannis yes it would be ruined by it.

So I am just curious why 2K releasing a GO Kobe in packs would be them”making money off of him”. They’ve done this for all the big name players so far so can it be different? How much time has to pass for it to no longer be considered of cheap nba 2k21 mt coins? People won’t like it after he murdered because if they release packs of Kobe it is going to be shortly. While also being the exact same season he passed. I would say at minimum it’ll be 2K22 when people are ok with it.Imo any packable Kobe this year is a cash grab, any further cards ought to be earned through gameplay and available to all. Alternatively it’s possible to purchase a Kobe card together with proceeds going to his Foundation.

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