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4DMAX Themed Park 5D Cinema is the most exciting&immersive experience-the entire design is done according to different themes, such as Fantasy Forest, Under the Sea, etc, it is fully with 4D effects,4DMAX Themed Park 5D Cinema are equipped with innovative technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with the on-screen action. You will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning, and scents when watching a movie. It is most suitable for different kinds of themed entertainment 5D cinemas, entertainment parks, shopping mall, etc.


For example, the overall design is with theme of dreamy forest, according to 4d real flower, grass,trees&fish, we will arrange the large-area of real trees& rattan grassland, decorating with stone, mushroom, stump, it will make the whole scene become more colorful, reflecting a static dream kingdom. The environmental 4D special effects, rain, electricity, snow and bubbles show the nature most vividly.


4D motion seat is 3DOF electronic motion platform seat, the motion chair can design with butterfly as a prototype, coral reefs, etc. The combination of special air jet,  pray water, sweep legs, push back, smell function and 4D films, it can make the perfect shows in dream kingdom.The joining of children is more like the arrival of happy elves, brings the kingdom to its peak of happiness.


5D Motion Theater & Working Principle

5D motion theater is a kind of artistic film expression which developed based on 4D cinema. It contains all functions of 4D cinema. 5D motion cinema uses seat special effects and environmental special effects to simulate a variety of special effects like lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, wind and frost, rain and snow, and explosion and shock, which perfectly mix visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile senses and dynamic together. Simulation scenario and special settings are used to imitate actual events. While producing a three-dimensional picture that is so vivid and seems ready to come out at one’s call, use interactive props as the story changes, to bring the audience participates in it and fully integrates into the story to experience illusive simulation and thrilling adventure.


From above, we can see that interactive participation of the audience in the movie is the most distinguishing feature of the 5D cinema which differs from previous film experiences. The interaction between the characters and the audience in the movie enables the audience to arouse a sense of mission and a sense of accomplishment while watching the film. This is the unique charm of 5D movie theater, and this is the reason why its commercial value is much higher than other cinemas.


Principle of 5D Movie Theatre


Rely on computer digital modeling to create a 3D scene, and then use visual effects rendering technology to divide a 3D scene into left-eye image and right-eye image, and then project the two images onto the screen through the projector. To process the optical lights that shoot out by the projector by placing the polarization plate in front of the projector, and then use special polarized glasses to separate the light of the projector so that the left eye of the user sees a preset left eye scene and the right eye sees a preset right eye scene, all of which presents a lifelike optical image together.


At the same time as the film is broadcasted, sensor technology is used to simulate the perspective of the 3D scene, the bumpy feeling of the vehicle, and even the actions of the characters through the hydraulic base or pneumatic base designed by a special machine to form the fourth dimension.


At the same time as the character moves, the special effects synchronization software extracts the scene information preset in the movie, converts the digital information into electrical signals through the integrated circuit board, thereby controlling various environmental special effects devices, to achieve the effect of the film environment (e.g., simulations of wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke, odor, friction, etc.), and form the fifth dimension.


5D Movie Theater Market Analysis


Geographical distribution

The freshness brought by the 5D films is the first factor to attract the audience. Therefore, the distribution of the 5d theater should avoid the saturation of the market. If the market has become saturated, it can be used in the way of flow management for a better effect.

Suitable sites

Amusement places, scenic spots, shopping malls, parks, pedestrian streets, commercial street centers, cinemas, KTV, video games City, water games, Internet cafes and other leisure and entertainment places can open their own 4D dynamic cinemas. Customers can buy tickets to enjoy it.  Priority should be given to the crowded zones.

Local economy

Determine the appropriate marketing strategy according to the local economic conditions. For example, in the first-tier cities, the 5d movie theater ticket price can be slightly higher. While in the two or three-tier cities, the ticket price is lower, but the relative cost is also reduced. The operators can also adopt a flexible and diversified mode of operation. In general, it should be based on the local economic strength. According to our statistics, the average price of the ticket is 20 yuan.


5D Movie Theatre System Composition


Environmental effect

The special effects of the environment are mainly made for the film pictures. For example, when we are watching the 5D film, if the scene of the film is raining, the special effects we make can help the audience feel the rain in real life. If the wind is blowing in the film, the audience can feel the wind. If the film scene is foggy, the audience will feel the same and fog will pervade around… The equipment of the special effect system mainly includes bubble machine, water jet machine, blower, snowflake machine, smoke machine, flicker, air compressor. They can create a variety of scenes such as rain, wind, snow, smoke, lightning and so on.

Special effects of the seats

The motion seat effect system can make the audience feel bumpy, trembling, up and down, and so on. Special effects are especially evident when audiences are watching adventure movies and horror movies. For example, when the audiences are watching the film of taking roller coaster, the seats can make the audience feel the ups and downs, across the mountains in the virtual world, and experience the excitement of the rapid shuttle in the mountains.

Audiovisual effect

The two-dimensional video and audio special effect system include a metal screen, a projector, a rack (with a positive optic), a playback server, a control cabinet, a screen, a bass box, a main sound box, a surround sound box, and an amplifier.

The software system includes special action editor, video player, synchronization control system, action-specific effect system and environment effect system. The equipment mainly includes high configuration computer, monitor, cabinet and so on.


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