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DMAX Movie Theater is the most thrilling&immersive theater experiences-full Hollywood films with 4D effects,4DMAX theaters are equipped with innovative technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with on-screen action.you will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning and scents when watching a movie.4DMAX theaters enable you to connect with the movie, sending you on a journey with the different characters.


4D motion seat movie theaters can make customers enjoy realistic,thrilling&immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body&stimulate imagination through motion, we have strong desire to enhance the experience, the movie moves you, move the life.


Diagram of System Structure

3DOF Electronic Motion Effects of Dynamic Chair


4DMAX 4D Motion Seat is high technology 3dof crank electric motion platform seat, according to specific theaters,there are different attractive designs of seats for customers, such as 4 seats in one row,5 seats in one row,2 seats in one row, etc,the material is custom made by our customer’s requests, such as PU leather, etc,they are able to syn with Hollywood movies perfectly in 4D Cinema or Theater,it also can realize the realistic feelings of vibrating, sweep leg,sway&twist, back shaker, bottom shaker, face air, etc.


3DOF Electronic Platform Advantages:

Movement Accuracy

Motion Positioning Precision 0.1mm,

Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,

Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame


Choosing precision servo reducer, low-speed operation smoothly, strong anti-load ability. It is suitable for instantaneous load fluctuation, high-speed response, and rapid start, improving the dynamic simulation performance of the motion seat completely.

Low Noise

Simple Product Mechanical Structure

Low Noise

Design Noise 30dB;


By using new crank swing-arm mechanical structure,it has the functions of wear resistance,high precision&stable performance

Various Seat Styles

A variety of styles, color optional or exclusively custom-made according to customers‘ request;

Low Maintenance Cost

The screw&electric cylinder takes 1-3 years for one-time replacement according to different products ,however,crank swing-arm mechanical structure is up to 8 years.


4D Motion Theatre Classification

4D dynamic theater is developed on the basis of traditional stereoscopic cinema. It has the characteristics and advantages of prominent themes, high scientific, technological content, realistic effect and strong picture impact compared with other types of cinemas. With the development of entertainment technology in cinema as well as the demand of entertainment market, people not only add the well-designed effects of vibration, falling, blowing, water spray and scratching to the 3D cinema, but also elaborately create the effects of smoke, rain, photoelectric and bubble according to the scene of the film, forming a unique experience, so is the popular 4D motion seat movie theaters. In recent years, the new 4D movie theater has been developing rapidly, for the viewers can obtain the comprehensive sense of vision, hearing, touch and smell while watching 4D movies.


Classification of  4D Motion Theatre


Flat Screen 4D Movie Theater

The big slope seats of 4d motion theater enable you to have an entirely barrier-free vision regardless of the angle. The sound source equalization system designed specifically for motion seat movie theaters ensures that the volume and sound quality are exactly the same in every corner of the theater. When you wear the stereo glasses, the visual effects and the perfect sound quality will bring you a brand-new visual experience.

Flat screen 4d cinema is easy to install and does not require much space,  it requires only two projectors or bioscopes with a low budget.


Circular-screen 4D Movie Theater

Circular-screen 4d dynamic theater is different from the ordinary movie screen, it adopts a cylindrical projection screen, which surrounds the audience at the center. The broad picture on the screen fills the audience’s vision, and the full stereo as well as the plot complement each other perfectly, actualizing the wonderful immersion of audio-visual enjoyment.

The theaters have different radians to choose from like 120 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees etc, which can be individually designed and constructed according to the specific situation of the site, so as to ensure the effect of the circular-screen 4d theater.


4D Theater System

  1. Digital projection system

Professional and shocking stereographic projection system


The movie broadcasting system adopts an independently developed multi-channel movie synchronous broadcasting system, which is connected with the 4d dynamic chair and achieves the overall effect of synchronous control. It is required that the luminous flux is sufficient, the picture is clear and stable during the projection process to ensure ideal film compatibility.


  1. Screen system

Restore the original color of the film


Metal screen is suitable for stereoscopic movies in the fixed projection place, which can improve the screen brightness and show the reduction of polarized light when the stereoscopic film is played.


  1. New 4D movie theater seats system

Comfort and stimulate, to add fuel to the movie plot


The independent-developed 4D cinema seats by Yingda adopt high-quality leather fabric based on ergonomic design, which makes them comfortable.


  1. Environment special effect system

Add richness to the movie


Special facilities such as snow, bubble, rain, lightning, smoke and blow are installed in the 4d movie cinema. According to the content of the movie, these devices can make the corresponding simulation response and simulate the real film situation. The appropriate effects make the audience more immersed in the scene.


  1. Digital audio system

Restore the film sound field


The sound system requires low noise, high fidelity, and high reduction of sound field. The whole system is reliable, convenient to use and economical for long-term maintenance. Technically speaking, the sound reinforcement system requires pretty high technology and reliability. The equipment is asked to be advanced, practical, easy to operate and maintain.


  1. The total control system

Intelligent control, more professional and simple


The digital 4D control system can automatically control all the activities related to the film projection and make it operate synchronously.


4D motion cinema effect

4D motion cinema tries to create a „sense of immersion“ in which there are live performances and scenes during 4D animation played. And when jumping to somewhere with 4D effect, the cinema will remind you to wear the 4D glasses. Today’s 4D films are more entertaining and focus more on the display of special effects, while people who go to traditional cinemas are more interested in storylines and personages.


Goals of 4D Movie Cinema

  1. Sound quality optimization: sound quality is at the core of design.


  1. Advancement: With the rapid development of science and technology, the development of electroacoustic technology is changing with each passing day. The replacement of electroacoustic system equipment cannot be mentioned in the same breath; Today is in the period of alternate development of analog equipment and digital equipment, and new technologies and equipment appear continuously. To perfect the 4d cinemamoviesystem design scheme and sound quality, while ensuring practicability, the scheme should also be farsighted when designing a sound reinforcement system.


  1. Reliability: The 4d movie cinema system must be able to run reliably, and reserved more power margin.


  1. Humanity: The audio system should fully take the user’s requirements for audio use into account, while providing multiple functions. The input and output ports are designed to be diversified to meet the needs of different users.


  1. Extendibility: Various types of lines and interfaces are reserved to facilitate system upgrades later, and system devices can be flexibly increased.


  1. Practicality: In addition to meet functional requirements, the sound reinforcement system also features easy operation and maintenance.


  1. Consistency: The sound reinforcement system requires that the selection of equipment should follow the principle of consistent technical indicators.


8, Economical: sound reinforcement system requires a good price, practical but not exaggerated, high-end but not extravagant.


Construction Research

4D Dynamic Cinema is a proposition that many people have experienced but cannot explain. The construction of 4D movie cinema is also a complex and professional task. It includes the space consultation in the early stage of cinema construction and also needs to consider the weight bearing of the floor, the layout of the space pillars, the flatness of the projection area, the site selection of the control room, the installation of strong and weak electricity and special effects systems, the wiring of the sound system, the design and layout of the sound-absorbing and decoration of the theater, the installation of the seats, the original production of the film, as well as follow-up operation and maintenance of a set of tasks.


How to make quality 4d movie theater within effective investment is an issue that the constructors need to consider. Yingda Technology Co., Ltd., summed up a set of general rules through years of experience in its own R&D team and film production team after years of cooperating and communicating with foreign professional companies. We know best how to use fewer funds to build outstanding 4d motion seat theater and make the theater more stable and more shocking. This set of rules has helped to improve construction efficiency.



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