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Since our first 1.0 motion moving seats come out, these products were very keen by overseas customers, such as USA, Canada, South America, etc,they will be installed for many 4D home theaters in the world, such as small/medium/large project theater. These home virtual reality movie theater chairs can realize the motion stimulation of film plots on the screen when watching movies, Yingda have our own motion core technology backgrounds, motion editing teams, movie updates, theater design, etc, we should provide a complete solution for customers, thanks. If you have any interests, we have movie seats for sale.   However, in order to enlarge our oversea markets, as per oversea market feedback&requests from our partners, we will start to focus on developing 2.0 generation home theater motion seating for 4D home theaters, this home cinema chair is more function than 1.0chair, please kindly check our latest 2.0 home motion cinema sofa features as below:   1.Motorised Headrest–It can adjust the headrest to suitable location when watching movies,for example,when you lying down,in order to avoid of watching the ceiling,you can adjust the headrest up freely,however,if you seat in chair upright,you can adjust the headrest down,so it is very convenient&useful for viewers.   2.On/off cuphold lights–In high-end oversea markets, our partners suggest that we should design one cupholder to control the lights on/off. When seeing movies, these lights should be all off for their clients&viewers,it cannot appear any lights during seeing movies,Yingda can concentrate on helping them do the new function cupholder, after experiencing in their markets,their clients were interested in our this function,we can help partners solve this problem&bring more clients to them.   3.LCD screen motion three levels(H-M-L),as we know,there are many different kinds of people in the markets,such as young,adult,old,etc,in order to help our partners meet their requests,we can update another function for these home movie theater chairs,it can adapt to many people for experiencing it freely,this goal is to help clients get more market shares in their markets.   4.Electric reclining buttons-it can make viewers feel comfortable when seated in this home cinema dynamic chair, for example, when seat upright tiredly, they can put this reclining button to their suitable location for free resting, this 2.0 dynamic seat is very suitable for clients.   5.3DOF Crank Electric Motion Platform–by this top quality motion platform, this home movie theatre sofa can realize 3DOF motion effects, such as up/ down, left/ right, forward/ back, vibrate,etc,it is chosen by crank mechanism motion platform,its life is up to about 8-10years for customers,it is very low noise for this chair(30dB),it can help our clients reduce great troubles about maintenance things.   Yingda 4DMAX technology can be not only used for thrilling entertainment experiences, it’s also great to improve skills and stimulate the imagination through motion, that’s why our motion code technology is applied for professional experiences in industries such as private theater, VIP club, amusement places, house, etc.   We design and manufacture the high-quality motion systems for the entertainment and other markets. And we also have movie seats for home. To create an exciting&hyper-realistic experience, we can focus on crafting the wonderful realistic&precise motion vibrations and patterns.


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