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Players may even be able to apply

The next WoW Classic content unlock will happen on April 15, and classic gold wow players will eventually be able to venture into the Zul’Gurub raid, make the most of new world fans, and more.Located at the northeastern corner of Stranglethorn Vale, Zul’Gurub is Classic’s first 20-man raid, in comparison to Molten Core, Blackrock Spire, and Onyxia, that each permit for as many as 40. A brand new raid signifies new loot for guilds and groups to struggle for, but a number of the toughest supervisors in WoW Classic up for this point will be standing at all.

Because like the directors, they’re also some of the strongest, the things which can be found on the ZG loot table are worth a few wipes, though. Among the items in all of WoW drops within this dungeon. Called the Swift Zulian Tiger, it looks like a Bengal version of this Night Elf epic kitty bracket, and is guaranteed to tear a minumum of one guild apart as it eventually drops. The mount is a 0.8% drop from High Priest Thekal, which means it has a 1/125 possibility of appearing on the boss once you defeat him. Divide that by the 20 people on your raid who will unquestionably be rolling on it, thanks in part to the smash Netflix collection Tiger King, and your chances of actually getting the mount return to 1/2500.

Has to be worth all that trouble, right? Much like BWL and Onyxia, players may even be able to apply a world enthusiast known as Spirit of Zandalar after clearing the dungeon and handing at the Heard of Hakkar in Booty Bay. Much like all the fans, any player in the city at the time that the heart is turned in will find the enthusiast. Among the biggest competitions in WoW is finally returning the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, too. Players will have a set amount of time to grab and turn in as many fish as they can, with the winner taking home a super-rare fishing pole, gold, along with other exclusive loot.

If you want to level up an alt’s fishing skill to compete or simply get to 300 of best place to wow gold before the contest begins, be sure to check out our guide to the best fishing areas in WoW Classic.If you do not believe a World of Warcraft fishing competition sounds extreme, consider doing it on a PvP server. More than a half year following launch, WoW Classic remains plenty popular, with a few servers still undergoing wait times to login with much more folks than ordinary stuck at home. The added content will surely be welcomed by gamers and guilds who’ve already run through WoW Classic’s currently available raids, and so are itching more to perform.

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