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DOFUS Retro: back to the December backup

Following the manipulation of a bug by players that were ill-intentioned, we are made also to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale return to the December 28 backup and to move ahead with a tide of sanctions. We provide additional context regarding the situation to you and sincerely apologize.

We apologize for the inconvenience. As reimbursement we’ll be distributing the next through the first days of January: 7 subscription times, also Tempus Bloomus. To compensate for participant’s missing time, we’ll also arrange another double XP weekend (for professions and characters XP) through January, in addition to the one scheduled for this weekend.

I have read some forum posts about the bug dated from before this past weekend. Why didn’t you intervene? Following the comments we obtained from the neighborhood, we started an investigation to validate the allegations directly there and then. This investigation was carried out discreetly also to employ the necessary and correct sanctions against their accounts and also so to avoid alerting those who exploited the insect. It’s for these reasons that we never speak on the Forum, which we read daily.

When you identify a bug of this size, please report it on the Ankama Support group and do not post about it on the Forums: as is the case with this particular scenario, the gamers who abused of the bug had the opportunity to modify their behaviour and spread the proceeds of their exploits within the market in the expectation that we’ll no longer be able to follow it back to them nor intervene. Reporting cases to the Ankama Support staff allows us to take care of the problem in an effective and efficient manner, all of the while maximizing the chances that we will do so without bothering innocent players‘ gaming experience.

The notifications concerning this scenario are a few days old. Why didn’t you intervene sooner? On the 1 hand, we had to be certain that the information was linked to a real problem. On the flip side, since it is impossible to blindly fix a bug. We had to be certain that we could identify the issue without inducing further bugs, so that it could be corrected by us. As its reproduction is particularly complicated, individuals who exploited it did not just stumble upon itthey have been striving for many years to buy dofus kamas echo push the game to its limits, inspired by the pursuit of profit (not only in Kamas, but also in Euros).

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