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It is damn annoying to OSRS gold say the least

It is damn annoying to OSRS gold say the least, and more and I do not play with. And while we’re here, I find that the font that they use to be unbelievably hard to read. Is this only me? I would really like to find some customization options – even though it had been if talking to NPC’s and in conversation. It’s actually not a task for any programmer but I appreciate it.

Very good discussion. Most of them does not bother me too much because a more casual player the previous 15 decades, but I absolutely agree the tick rate is really beginning to show its age. I think it’s a good idea, but I believe we will need to begin looking to things we could take from this tick system or make better tick speeds for. Gear and movement shouldn’t be bound to ticks as consumables and abilities. It makes more sense of the later because the battle itself is dependent on the tick system and it keeps people from having the ability to obsessively eat to get out of bad circumstances.

Other things are abilities like farming. It’s really annoying how erroneous expansion cycles are just because they go on a significantly longer global tick system. Why can not skills, if other programs such as ports can be simply toss out Celtics and come back with a simple timer? I also think it’s ridiculous that most potions are still not on a timer like overloads are but instead fall based on a international tick. It is making money on runescape extremely annoying when I use a dose of a potion to reach the exact amount I need and then 2 seconds later my stat drops because I chose a terrible tick to drink it.


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