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How much do you know about embroidered towels

We know that towels are made of pure cotton yarn. There are two types of yarn-woven towels and thread-woven towels. Its terry height and density are higher and denser than face towels and pillow towels, its water absorption and water storage performance are also very good, and its heat retention is better than other factory manufacture microfiber printed yoga towel price. Embroidered towels are mainly used to wipe the body after bathing, or to cover the body, and are often used to cover the body or prevent cold. Most towels are made of pure cotton, which is also relatively easy to absorb water.

Most types of towels retain moisture between the yarn and the yarn, and bamboo fiber towels absorb water directly into the fibers, which makes the fiber towels have better water absorption. When we buy towels, we must determine the quality of the microfiber children hooded towel price, depending on the thickness and tightness of the coils. We must know that the thicker the towels, the more they are made of yarn. Naturally, we can Absorb water from the body faster. Many people like velvet towels. Embroidered towels are used to decorate the surface of the fabric on the jacquard loom. Nowadays, people like this kind of towel very much. When we use embroidered towels, we should pay attention to frequent washing and drying, do not hang casually. Be aware that rubbing towels should not be put together. Avoid getting mud. Embroidered towels can also be used as pajamas. It is not only warm but also very convenient. It can also be used as a casual blanket. It is a coincidence to watch TV at noon. The thickness is also very good. The embroidered towel can also be used as a quilt for a baby. It is not easy to be kicked when held on the baby. Even in winter, you can wrap a layer of towel on the baby’s body and then cover the quilt. A good embroidered towel is more intimate, and the thickness is also generous, so it sticks to the skin. Choosing a good multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel factory price requires a housewife with a pair of eyes. The use and maintenance of towels requires that housewives have some knowledge of relevant knowledge.

How to clean the embroidered towel? The first is to put warm water in the basin, add neutral detergent to dissolve it completely, then fold the towel into the basin and step on it with both feet several times. Apply washing powder to the oily area, rub it gently, let the water drip out, and then wash it with warm water. When wringing, you can roll the folded towel inwards into a tube and squeeze it until it is dry. Before processing in a dehydrator, roll up the China ice-cool towel. If you want the washed towel to feel loose and loose, you can use a fabric softener. If the towel is not cleaned or used for a long time, it will cause bacteria to breed and make the towel smell. According to home textile experts, towels for personal use should be changed regularly, and should not exceed 3 months at most. If the towel becomes hard, you can add 30 grams of soda ash or a suitable softener for 1.5 minutes in 1.5 kg of water.


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