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The Differences Between Volumetric and Weighing Powder Filling and Packing Machine

From the perspective of the quantitative principle, there are two main powder filling and packing machines: volume-quantitative machine and weighing-quantitative machine. Do you know the difference?

Powder filling and packing machine is the general name of packaging powder equipment, which is suitable for quantitative packaging of powder and powder materials in chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products industries, such as milk powder, starch, pesticide, veterinary medicine, premix, additive, condiment, feed, enzyme preparation, etc. The powder packaging machine of Niel Machinery is controlled by pneumatic + PLC, which has the functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error, etc. But different powder packaging machines have two very obvious features: their different working principles.

Volume-Quantitative principle of powder filling and packing machine

The volume type quantitative filling of powder packaging machine is realized by controlling the volume of the filled materials. Screw type quantitative filling machine belongs to the category of volume type quantitative filling. Its advantages are simple structure, no weighing device, low cost and high filling efficiency. The disadvantage of screw type quantitative filling machine for powder packaging machine is that the filling accuracy varies greatly according to the different materials to be filled, which mainly depends on the stability of the apparent specific gravity of the filled materials, the uniformity of the size of the particles, and the moisture absorption and looseness of the materials. Therefore, the main suitable object of the powder filling and packing machine is the material particles with uniform size, stable bulk density and good self fluidity.

Weighing-Quantitative principle of powder filling and packing machine

The weighing-quantitative filling of powder packaging machine ensures the filling accuracy by controlling the weight of the filled materials. Compared with the volume-quantitative filling mentioned earlier, the structure is more complex, the cost is higher, and the filling efficiency is lower than the volume type filling. The powder material handling is mainly the materials with uneven particle size, unstable bulk density and relatively high price. At present, there are three kinds of scales used in weighing quantitative filling, which are mechanical lever scale, electronic scale and mechanical electronic combination scale. Powder packaging machine can be divided into single-stage feeding and multi-stage feeding according to different feeding methods. In order to improve the quantitative accuracy and feeding speed, the dynamic weighing method of multi-level feeding and weighing at the same time of feeding is generally adopted.

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