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Geotextile has low temperature resistance and good frost resistance

Anchorage at high and low parts is the key hub, and construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction drawings and after supervision and inspection. During the construction operation process, the construction combination plan is prepared before the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price is laid out, and the laying method and technical countermeasures are clarified. The quotation of the anti-seepage geotextile is approved by the supervisor before the application. In order to prevent the geotextile from being stepped on, the geotextile should be laid with the pressure, and the geotextile should be laid in harmony with the protection layer.

The quality of the geotextile welding seam in splicing is the key to splicing. It is necessary to consolidate the seam inspection during construction. The inspection method has a visual inspection method and two on-site leak detection. Visual method: After the wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is welded, check whether there is any missing joint, whether the seam is scalded, whether there is wrinkle, and whether it is evenly stitched.

Precautions when laying geotextile
On-site leak detection uses an inflation method to inspect all welds. The welds are double strips, with a cavity of about 10mm between the two. Seal both ends of the section to be tested, puncture the intake needle, and inflate to 0.05mpa ~ 0.20mpa, stand still for 0.5min, check the vacuum gauge, if the air pressure does not drop, the expression is not leaking, the welding seam passes, otherwise it is necessary to find the elements and quickly repair.

The key point of quality inspection after construction is sampling. HDPE polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale construction takes a test piece every 1000m2 for tensile strength test. It is required that the strength is not less than 80% of the base material, and the sample fracture should not be at the joint, otherwise the joint The quality of the seam failed. A total of weld seam samples were taken on site for tensile strength test. After inspection, the pass rate was 100%, and the weld quality was passed.

Nowadays, many people will bury the material polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price deep underground. In fact, if people bury other plastic films underground, they may not achieve the desired effect. This is because this material is different from other materials. It has many characteristics and advantages. First of all, this material has corrosion resistance. No matter it is acidic soil or alkaline soil, it cannot form a certain erosion effect on this material. Secondly, it also has low temperature resistance. Therefore, it can be used in a low temperature environment, which proves that its antifreeze properties are very good.


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