Tool for making and fishing from the inner hole of a perforated falling object. Cooperate with other tools to achieve different fishing techniques.


The long tapered overall structure is divided into two parts: a joint and a fishing thread.

Operating principle:

After the male cone enters the inner hole of the falling object, appropriate drilling pressure is applied, and the drilling tool is rotated to force the fishing thread to squeeze into the inner wall of the falling fish to create a thread. When the thread can withstand a certain tensile force and torque, lift up or upside down to remove all or part of the falling object.

Operational manual:

When the tool is lowered to the top of the fish for 1 ~ 2m, open the pump to flush, lower it to the top of the fish and observe the pump pressure. If the pump pressure rises, the suspended weight drops, and the male cone enters the fish, the buckle can be made. If there is no change in the suspended pump pressure, it means that the male cone is inserted into the annular space outside the fish cavity, and the drill string is rotated after lifting, and the fish cavity is weighed until the suspended weight and pump pressure are changed, and then the pressure can be used for salvage.


When fishing for fish with unchanging pump pressure in the fish cavity, the centering joints or guide shoes should be added.

Don’t allow the fish to top, don’t make buckles on the outer wall of the falling fish.

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