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Pedal Stainless Steel Trash Bin

Product description of pedal trash bin

  1. The lid of the pedal bin is well sealed, which can effectively remove peculiar smell;
  2. Pedal structure allows a foot step to open it: It can open and position the cover more than 90 degrees;

Step on one foot to close it: At the same time of putting waste conveniently, metal trash can with foot pedal completely avoids the contact of hands to the garbage can, which conforms to the requirements of sanitary capacity specification;


Reliable use: The accessories are easy to replace and update independently, which can reduce the cost for the users, completely solve the defects of short service life of the pedal bin with the characteristics of safety, convenience and long service life;

  1. Beautiful sanding and matte texture;
  2. The new anti-skid design can effectively reduce the movement on the smooth floor;
  3. Circular shape design, saves space without taking up space;
  4. PP environmental protection thickened liner, with large bearing weight, high temperature resistance and no deformation;

It is practical and beautiful and is a smart choice for your ideal home.

[Commodity Use]

Use it at home, hotel, school, hospital, shopping mall, meeting room, office, etc. Built-in black plastic bucket provides convenience for you in garbage cleaning. This is a hot product. Step on the foot outside the stainless steel bucket, the pedal bin opens automatically, which is convenient and sanitary. With scientific design and perfect management, the product appearance is dignified, elegant and the function is excellent and reasonable.


With the increase in modern new houses, pedal bins are used in every family. Our company always adheres to the idea of market orientation, first-class quality, advanced technology and high-quality service. We insist on providing innovative and high-quality products as well as excellent after-sales service to meet the needs of our customers.


Guangzhou MAX metal product factory mainly manufacture and export metal products, specializing in wide varieties of Waste Bins, Stanchions, Customized Metal Sanitation Support, including CUSTOM-MADE ITEMS for all of public areas, such banks, parks, hotels, offices, schools, airports, hospitals, railway stations, shopping malls, cinema hall, auditorium, restaurants, residence communities etc. Max has been well approved and trusted among lots of customers by keeping creative and cooperative values „Equality, Respect, All-win“ since setting up.


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