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Geotextiles have good corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance

Geotextile is a kind of glass fiber net structure material made by special weaving process. This kind of material has high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, high tensile strength, good elasticity, low shrinkage coefficient, strong wear resistance, excellent tear strength, and high chemical fluctuation. Using aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers as the reinforcing material for asphalt pavement can avoid cracks caused by high-temperature shrinkage of the pavement, can change the structural stress spread of the pavement, prevent the expansion of reflective cracks, and can increase the rutting of the rutting. After being chemically treated, the glass fiber geotextile improves the appearance function of glass fiber and strengthens the adhesion between glass fiber and asphalt, so that it can not be cracked and warped after contact with asphalt mixture at a low temperature of 160 ℃ Warped. With excellent construction function, it can extend the service life of the highway, and can absolutely reduce the thickness of the pavement structure layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of highway construction.

Nowadays, many people will bury the material high quality aquaculture geomembrane deep underground. In fact, if people bury other plastic films underground, they may not achieve the desired effect. This is because this material is different from other materials. It has many characteristics and advantages. First of all, this material has corrosion resistance. No matter it is acidic soil or alkaline soil, it cannot form a certain erosion effect on this material. Secondly, it also has low temperature resistance. Therefore, it can be used in a low temperature environment, which proves that its antifreeze properties are very good.

Geotextiles have good corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance
In modern society, people are looking for raw materials that are not poisonous. The high quality environmental geomembrane meets this standard, so now this seemingly ordinary film has attracted people’s attention. With the increase in social demand year by year, The output of this material is getting higher and higher, and many large enterprises are now joining the industry field of producing this material, because although this material looks relatively ordinary, its appearance is not good, but it has good corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and Antifreeze properties.

This is because the material of LDPE geomembrane for sale has strong corrosion resistance, and people can also use it in a low temperature environment, so now many farmers in the three northeastern provinces will use this material to buckle the greenhouse, now this material It has entered many industrial fields, and some workers will bury it deeply underground. Whether it is immersed in water, buried deep in the ground, or used in cold and severe weather, its physical properties will not Change, so this material has a high value for modern society.


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