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Could we get another quest or a sequel?

There are a lot of pieces like this scattered around RuneScape left untouched for years – it’d be cool if some of RuneScape gold them were looked at each year ratherer than being a wealth of new content in one area alone (though this substance is obviously cool too). Seems like the OSRS team have another spin on quests when compared with RS2, since they currently tend to focus on quests with high manufacturing quality and a lot of repeatable post-quest content. I feel the main reason it took more than 3 years before OSRS got its 1st quest was the way”ineffective” it had been for the little dev team to make content you will only do once a account. Which have lead to pursuit updates containing only the quest anymore.

Take the master quest Sins of the Father for example. Not only will we get the quest itself, but also a new agility minigame a new city and lots of new rewards. All this requires a lot of dev time. So even if there are several bare questlines in OSRS, I’m afraid it is going to take a long time before we will be able to see the conclusions of these.

As a curiosity, let’s take a look. We saw 4 of those being of master difficulty, 29 quests that year and just 1 pursuit had a newcomer difficulty. Yes, they had dev team. The thing is, a lot of those 29 quests did not unlock any notable content, the story and quest rewards themselves were enough. I rather wish OSRS got more of those quests with easy yet effective quest rewards, in between finishing those storylines that are big that are large.

I would be fine having quests that included the narrative with xp rewards. The issue comes. Not worth the dev time when anyone cares about them to create interesting stories. I bet if they enabled quests to be repeatable using a speedrunning leaderboard and cosmetic tokens from repeating quests, so the monkeys would be clamoring for more quests.

RS3 does not have leaderboards, but they do have repeatable quests with cosmetic rewards. I have problems with Mod Raven, but he cares about his quests. Do they give makeup on the first conclusion out? I initially thought about tokens that may be utilized a store with everything. But perhaps quests could have makeup that unlock with 5, 10, and 20 completions, along with a leaderboard (variety of completions and speedrunning) will make it even more worthwhile.

You mean the end-game level pursuit with all the worst padding ever published, a maze which requires an hour and a half to run through, along with a final battle that most players struggle with? At least replay the hour-and-a-half maze that is minimal can bypass. Not the conflicts though. Expecting people to want to replay that quest was absurd and is a ridiculous situation to look at in terms of metrics for engagement with the idea of rs3 gold quest replayability. They have seen engagement, if it was a quest that were accessible.


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