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The Difference between Stainless Iron Waste Bin and Stainless Steel Waste Bin1


Stainless steel waste bin is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic. Stainless iron waste bins is magnetic. Ferritic stainless steel waste bins and martensitic stainless steel waste bins are called stainless iron waste bins. Generally speaking, stainless steel waste bins refer to austenitic stainless steel waste bins.


A stainless iron waste bin contains chromium but does not contain nickel, also known as Cr stainless steel waste bin, and it certainly has anti-corrosion ability. Stainless steel waste bin contains both chromium and nickel. Because nickel is a relatively stable element, its anti-corrosion ability is naturally much stronger than that of stainless iron waste bin. Nickel is more expensive, so stainless steel waste bin is higher than stainless iron waste bin in cost. Therefore, Stainless iron waste bin is cheaper than stainless steel waste bin. The difference between stainless iron waste bin and stainless steel waste bin mainly depends on whether it contains nickel. Because nickel is a diamagnetic element, and the simple way to distinguish them is to test whether it is strongly magnetic, that is, to use magnet. The chromium content in the steel is more than 12.5%, and the steel with high resistance to external medium (acid and alkali salt) corrosion is called stainless steel waste bin. According to the arrangement in the steel, the stainless steel waste bin can be divided into martensitic type, ferritic type, austenite type, ferritic austenite type and deposition hardening type. According to the national standard GB3280-92, there are 55 rules in total.


Classification of Stainless Steel Waste Bin

In our daily life, we often use two types of trash bins. Austenitic type stainless steel waste bin, some call it nickel stainless waste bin, and martensitic type stainless steel trash bin, some call it stainless iron waste bin. The typical trademark of austenitic type stainless steel waste bin is 0Cr18Ni9, i.e. „304“ and 1Cr18Ni9Ti, martensitic type stainless steel waste bin is the stainless steel waste bin that we make knives and scissors, mainly including 2Cr13, 3Cr13, 6Cr13, 7cr17, etc. Because of the difference of the arrangement and composition of these two kinds of stainless steel waste bins, the micro arrangement of the metal inside them is also different.


Due to the high chromium and nickel content (about 18% chromium and over 4% Ni) in the steel, there is a kind of arrangement called austenite in the internal arrangement of austenitic stainless steel waste bin. This arrangement is not magnetic and cannot be attracted by magnets. It is often used as decoration materials, such as turbine blades, cutting tools, nozzles, seats, valves, measuring tools, bearings, etc.


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