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General Situation of Plastic Treatment in the World

The production of synthetic resins in the world has reached 200 million tons. Plastic waste recycling after mass consumption has become a hotspot of environmental protection. At present, there are several solutions to deal with plastic after consumption: 1. landfill; 2. incineration; 3. composting; 4. recycling; 5. using degradable plastics.


At present, landfill, incineration and recycling are three main solutions for the treatment of municipal plastic solid waste. Because of different national conditions and different countries, landfill is the main solution in the United States, while incineration is the main solution in Europe and Japan. Landfill treatment, because plastic products are generally light in weight and not easy to rot, will lead to landfills become soft foundation, and it will be difficult to use in the future. Plastics treated by incineration have high calorific value and are easy to damage the furnace. Gases generated by incineration can exacerbate global warming, and some plastics emit harmful gases during incineration to pollute the atmosphere. Plastic recycling solution is adopted. Because of labor consumption, high cost of recycling, and lack of appropriate recycling channels, currently the world recycling and reuse only accounts for about 15% of the total plastic consumption. However, due to the limited oil resources in the world,   is of great significance from the point of view of saving the earth’s resources. For this reason, many countries in the world have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop the key technologies of recycling and reusing waste plastics, and devote themselves to reducing the cost of recycling to reuse them develop their appropriate application fields.

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