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The automatic feeder refers to the automatic operation according to the specified requirements and the established procedures. The person only needs to determine the control requirements and procedures and does not need the direct operation of the feeding mechanism. That is, the mechanism that automatically transfers items from one location to another, during which the process can be automatically and accurately completed without human intervention. Generally, there are a detecting device, a feeding device, and the like. It is mainly used for the transportation of semi-products of various materials and industrial products, and can also be used to automate production in the next process.

Working principle editing

Punch auto packing and auto stack – The sawing machine automatic feeder adopts Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen control and adopts imported servo motor to control feed feeding.

The auto packing machine of the punching machine is simple and convenient to operate and has high precision. As long as the feed rate is set on the touch screen during operation, the servo system automatically determines the feed length for each time according to the value set in advance. The operator only needs to watch whether the machine works normally without adjusting each time.

The PLC system controls the automatic feeding action, automatic clamping action, and automatic cutting action. The use of this machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator and provide production efficiency.

Application editing

The practical application of the feeder shows that selecting a reasonable AC servo system can meet the requirements of fast response speed, high-speed precision, and robustness of the control system.

It is required that the actual application position control accuracy is up to ±0.1mm and the cumulative error can be avoided. The control system can be applied to the production of high-precision open series cold-formed steel products, especially products similar to the shelf column, that is, the cold-bending forming production line for the online pre-punching of the cold-formed steel vertical and the side with high precision requirements for the hole position. on.

The AC servo system can achieve high position control accuracy on the shelf cold forming machine production line; and the online pre-punching mode and the hydraulic stop mode can be used independently, such as the online pre-punching mode in the production process of the shelf beam.

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