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Where can the Flexible LED Display Screen be Used?

For LED screen industry, flexible LED screen, being different from traditional LED screen, will become more and more widely used in the future, which comes with attributes of customization. It can be applied in broader range of special scene applications, while the traditional rigid LED display cannot. For buildings with curved walls, flexible LED screens can perfectly match the curvature of the wall or structure. However, it is difficult to fit curved structure with rigid LED screen for it is made of rigid PCB board and back cover without any flexibility. Traditional rigid LED products cannot layout large LED screens or need chamfer to fit curve structure, which may cause costs increasing and slow down the process of the whole project.


To solve this problem, flexible LED screen would be the best choice for creative structure with its high flexibility. So, in what scenarios are the flexible screens used widely?


  1. Curved LED screen

Traditional rigid LED screen can do with structure with internally small radian, as long as it is an arc structure. However, it is impossible to a hard LED screen when there is a large arc or an outer arc structure. Flexible LED display screen can be of use to easily complete the installation tasks.


  1. Column LED screens

Generally, there are cylindrical pillars on spots like hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc. to attract and impress customers with creative decorations and atmosphere. It is easy to achieve any screens of various shapes by flexible LED screen.


3.Other creative LED screen, such as the wave-shape screens and ribbon-shaped screens


Both flexible LED screens and rigid LED screens share common grounds in display principle. What differs them is that PCB board of flexible LED panel is made of flexible bottom cases which can be folded up to 120 degrees. The frames displayed by the flexible screen are colorful and have a strong three-dimensional sense. It is widely used in applications like finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction market, auction house, industrial enterprise management, and other public places.


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