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Ultra-thin, Heat-dissipating, and Flexible: A New Direction of LED Screen Design

The idea of ultra-thin and flexible LED products indicates the advanced concept in color TV business and in mobile phone circles. Also, it suggests the direction of developing OLED displays. For engineering large scale LED screens, is being ultra-thin and flexible necessary for the curved LED screen technology? Absolutely yes.

The ultra-thin LED screen can be used in a more compact and sophisticated environment and perform more complex and creative decorative effects. Moreover, it helps save costs, because it takes up less space and labor, especially the high-price housing area and labor cost.

Furthermore, ultra-thin mini LED display can better adjust various surroundings. When it comes to old buildings, the structure of the building maybe not solid enough to hold and support heavy screens. But we can make it possible to install LED screens over such buildings with the ultra-thin LED screen. Also, the ultra-thin LED screen is an ideal solution to deal with insufficient space for indoor applications.

It is apparent that ultra-thin LED screen is more sensible and practical than traditional rigid LED screen. It is conducive to creating various shape displays and meets the viewing requirements of corner applications. Although these explicit requirements can also be achieved by the general rigid units, flexible LED display panels are more careful and of wider potential of developing new applications – a standardized flexible unit that can splice to irregular structures of completely different effects. This is almost a “large-scale standardized manufacturing” to realize the display of the irregular structures.

As for the LED display design, being ultra-thin is a prerequisite for flexibility. Only the unit is thin enough can it obtain greater flexibility in radian changes or can it even be directly folded, within the structural load-bearing range. At the same time, the ultra-thin and flexible design means the use of new material technologies: including PCB boards, chassis, lamp beads and so on, they all require a new system. These products will drive the transformation of the entire LED screen industry chain.


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