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That everybody having him would ruin NBA 2K

Can’t comprehend why some people are so adamantly against giving a free, great Kobe. What’s such a huge deal about Buy nba 2k20 mt coins everyone having Kobe for four weeks to celebrate him, then from 2K21 on he’s in packs like everyone else. Just don’t get why that ruins NBA 2K for anyone lmao. People are pissed since this Kobe card is much worse than every single packable card that has come out in recent releases. Diamond Grayson Allen shouldn’t be better compared to Pink Diamond Kobe simply because Kobe is totally free.

The matter is 2K gave us a”pink diamond” Kobe that is not remotely usable in online play or against the computer on any issue above all celebrity for that issue and you know they are going to release a Kobe card that’s godly in packs to gain from Kobes death. I don’t think anyone is against it. If 2K had published a free opal Kobe, I don’t think many would have complained. The matter is that the men and women who believe that they had been entitled to whatever bc Kobe expired. People were demanding absolutely free cards and cards from 2K. 2K finally gives out a free card, people are still complaining. They didn’t need the card to remember Kobe, they simply wanted a wonderful card for their Myteam.

I get that side of things and it is definitely shitty that we were just focused on MyTeam. But at the exact same time I’ve seen a ton of folks saying it might ruin NBA 2K cause everyone would have him and it is just a stupid thing to do. That sounds weird to me just like every team having him is like a party IMO. Still feels good to see that PD shoot the fangs if he receives sexy tho. I can not see how anyone can make the argument that everybody having him would ruin NBA 2K. He does not get the best animations and that he isn’t super tall for his position. Kobe has always had top tier cards in myteam and I can’t remember when they had been even the best in his position. And taller”PGs” like Magic or Lebron were always better to use. It’d ruin it if Kobe was like Giannis yes.

They have done this for all the big name players so far so how would it be any different? How much time has to pass for it to no longer be considered scummy? Because if they release packs of Kobe soon it’ll be shortly after he murdered people will not enjoy it. He passed, while being the season. I would say at minimum it’ll be 2K22 when people are ok with it.Imo any packable Kobe this season is a money grab, any additional cards ought to be got through gameplay and accessible to all. Alternatively you can purchase a bonded Kobe card together with proceeds going to his Foundation.

The game mode is a cash grab however. That is where my confusion is mainly coming from. I believe both sides are somewhat arguable because as someone who does not have time for lengthy grinds, I’d rather have the ability to buy Kobe with MT.There’s a huge difference between a standard cash grab and profiting over a person’s untimely death. Idk man I simply don’t see where you draw the line. People fall hundreds for every other huge release so if they create it Kobe, it will be exactly the same thing. It’s up to mt for sale 2k20 the players to determine how much they want to fall.


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