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What are the types and characteristics of cotton yarn for towels?

Before the purchaser wants to buy good-quality and high-quality products, the first thing to do is to understand the characteristics and characteristics of the products. Only by grasping the characteristics of the products can they buy the products that suit them.

The following supplies absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list manufacturers will tell you the type of cotton yarn for towels:

1. Pakistan Combed Cotton
Because of its good light, long cotton yarn, good uniformity, easy spinning, and good yarn quality, its domestic spinning equipment is the world’s top, the price is equivalent to the price of domestic cotton yarn, and the quality is better than domestic cotton yarn.

2. Xinjiang long-staple cotton
Xinjiang long-staple cotton is produced in the long-staple cotton region with the longest sunshine and little rain in the country microfiber sports instant cooling towel free sample. It is purely natural and pollution-free. Its fibers are long, white and shiny, with good elasticity, excellent uniformity and good warmth.

Three, bamboo fiber
Natural bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber specially processed with patented technology using bamboo pulp as raw material. Its fiber strength is good, stable and uniform, high wear resistance and excellent spinnability. It is a natural cellulose fiber. It can be naturally degraded in the soil, and it will not pollute the environment after decomposition. It is a natural, green and environmentally friendly textile raw material. Our company’s bamboo fiber microfiber instant cooling sports towel free sample is a newly developed new variety. Its structure is 100% bamboo fiber for terry yarn (thread), 100% cotton for warp and weft, and the bamboo fiber content is about 70%. It has unique natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, anti-odor and anti-ultraviolet functions, which is not easy to breed bacteria. After multiple (60) washings, it still has antibacterial and antibacterial functions. It has good hygroscopicity, breathability and cool feeling, soft and smooth hand feel; at the same time has a special luster, bright and beautiful dyeing, good water absorption, is a healthy, environmentally friendly green product.

4. Tencel
Tencel blended with cotton. Both materials are environmentally friendly and have good skin affinity. Strong affinity with skin. Soft, especially after multiple washings, so that it can maintain the softness of the customized instant ice-cold magic cooling towel. Solve the shortcomings of general towels feel hard. The silk is bright, the product is noble and elegant, suitable for high-end gifts. This product is an innovative towel product, which can bring good application value to customers who have this demand.


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