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I didn’t purchase Madden 20 coins because

I didn’t purchase Madden 20 coins because fuck sports matches and their same game each year BS but exactly what I did in 19 was create phone a play and unless it seemed perfect when I lined up, that is rarely did, I’d have 3-4 plays every formation that I would audible to.

All Madden doesn’t upgrade the CPU, it downgrades the user. That’s why it’s so challenging, if it only made the CPU better without nerfing the consumer it would not be quite as bad.All madden would be fine if Madden gameplay wasn’t complete shit. I am not a boomer but the very first madden I played with, madden 08, is legit so much better than today’s madden.

All of madden isnt hard, it is just annoying how corny you’ve got to play to win. It is also infuriating Madden fucks you over constantly. Running the ball for example is helpless. Because every thing else is guaranteed yardage you misuse stretches and dives.

You swerve around without fostering to wait for a edge set block that is corny. You swerve inside attempting to lure the stupid AI to make a path that is retarded to the ball so that you may attempt to break outside to mistreat the terrible AI. Nothing in Madden feels just like there’s strategy or skill associated, it is just abuse mechanics that are broken.Some the Cartoons from the madden game

Madden very rarely let us you feel the joy of Mmoexp Mut 20 coins a TD pass play that is clean. You call the right play, dude becomes open, create a toss.


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