The RFID technology has come to aid for the hospital staff in these tense times, enabling them to identify and track patients as well as essential assets across their facility. Passive RFID is an Automatic Identification and Data Capturing technology (AIDC) which use low power Radio waves to communicate between an object and an identifier in real time.


CILICO wristband with three styles: baby, child and adult


  • Nano silicon, antibacterial material

Medical antibacterial design, passed FDA certification, safer to use;

Using internationally leading nano-silicon material, the texture is light and thin, soft and comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic.


  • Non-visual, anti-interference design

RFID non-visual identification, the patient information is stored in the chip, fully protect the patient’s privacy, and the reading is not affected by the bedding and clothing;

Anti-human interference design, patient information verification and query is convenient and fast, improve the efficiency and service level.


  • Safety, barrier-free reading

RFID chip has a globally unique ID number, cannot be changed or forged.

The environmental compatibility is good, and the surface wear or pollution does not affect the information reading.

The process will see registration of patients with one-time usable RFID Wristbands at the time of admission. Each RFID Wristband has a unique ID which is mapped with Patients demographic details. The color wise categorization of the wristbands also provides a distant physical identification of the patient or hospital the staff.

RFID Handheld (or Portable) Readers help doctors and staff identify a patient record, the medical history and the medication/treatment being offered in the previous shifts. This provided platform works well in sync with any hospitals existing MIS/ERP/HMS/HIS.

CILICO F760, C6 Healthcare mobile computer good at UHF RFID scanning, and the trustworth choice of over 500+ medical institutions.


RFID Technology has actually come to aid of our front-line warriors in doctors and medical staff.

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