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What are common maintenance methods of brick machine

General buy discount high quality concrete block making machine users think that the brick machine can continue to use as long as there is no fault, this idea exists a big problem. Once the automatic concrete brick machine carries on the breakdown maintenance, is bound to affect the normal product production, this not only affected the production schedule, but also wasted the precious time. What can be done to make the machine last longer? In view of this problem, we analyzed the possible situation in detail, to do a good job in the maintenance and repair of the concrete brick machine, to prevent the sudden damage and shutdown of the equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the concrete brick machine a set of maintenance and repair organizational technical measures, so as to achieve the machine durable original effect.

Here are some maintenance methods:

A. Daily maintenance of concrete brick machine. The daily maintenance of the concrete brick machine requires strict observance of the operating rules, close attention to the use and operation of the equipment, and frequent scrubbing of the equipment.

Make sure the machine is clean and tidy, fill with lubricating oil according to the regulations, adjust and eliminate small defects in time, tighten loose parts and so on. It is the foundation to do a good job in the concrete brick machine plan preventive repair work. The maintenance of the concrete brick machine should have a clear responsibility system and requirements, generally should be implemented to determine the person to determine the mechanism, the equipment belongs to who use, who is responsible for maintenance. Get qt12-15 cement brick making machine quotation.

B. The concrete brick machine must be inspected regularly. Regular inspection of concrete brick machine is an important part of preventive repair plan. Professional personnel must be organized to check and verify the operation, work precision and wear of the equipment with the cooperation of operators. Through the inspection, fully grasp the changes in the technical status of the machine and equipment and the loss situation, timely eliminate the hidden dangers.

C. Repair of the concrete brick machine should be planned. Brick machine repair is the key to equipment planning preventive repair system. Brick machine repair plan, according to the characteristics of the equipment and conditions of use, determine the repair interval, organized, ready to repair work. Repair work is generally divided into minor repair, medium repair, overhaul three. Minor repair is the local repair of the machine and equipment, usually only replace and repair a small amount of wear parts, adjust the structure, in order to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. Minor repair work is small and can be carried out during production interval. In the repair is to replace and repair more parts, calibration equipment benchmark, restore the accuracy of the equipment, can generally take advantage of the holiday. A major repair is a complete repair of the machinery, which involves taking it all apart. Due to the heavy workload and long time, it will take up a certain production time. For example, the overhaul of the concrete brick machine generally needs 2d~3d time, so it must be planned to store more bricks before the start of the overhaul, so that the overhaul time is too long, so as not to have no quantity of bricks to sell. Quality of concrete brick machine equipment

Of course, in the actual maintenance process, the participants must have a certain professional support, so as to give the customized interlocking brick machine working state and each part of the better maintenance. And even if there is a shortage of maintenance funds, then the basic lubrication should be paid attention to, so that the equipment can be in a better state. And meet the need to catch up with the schedule, this time can be better maintenance equipment will make the work efficiency is higher, so the maintenance is always not allowed to ignore.

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