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The War in the Wireless Charge Standard

In the past few years, three wireless charge standards organizations have competed, focusing on induction and resonance charging technology. The three organizations are A4WP(Alliance for Wireless Power)、PMA(Power Matters Alliance)and WPC(Wireless Power Consortium). WPC has 296 members, including apple, Google and Verizon.

WPC has built the most popular wireless charge standard Qi,such as lg qi wireless charger, which supports induction charging, charging pad charging, short-distance (1.5cm or even closer) electromagnetic resonance induction charging. Apple uses the Qi standard.

PMA developed Powermat resonant charging technology, which was initially used in coffee shops and airports, having achieved some success. For example, Starbucks began to deploy wireless charging pads in 2014.

Standards compete with each other, and the mobile device market is very scattered, and most mobile devices need a more adaptive wireless charge standard.

In 2015, A4WP and PMA jointly established the AirFuel Alliance, which now has 110 members, including Dell, Duracell, Samsung and Qualcomm.

Duracell Powermat is part of the airfuel alliance. It says that it has more than 1500 charging points in the United States and provides services through powerkiss, a partner of Powermat. Powerkiss has 1000 charging points in European airports, hotels and coffee shops. Some McDonald’s restaurants also use their own wireless charge technology, AirFuel also said.

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