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Roll forming is one of the most common sheet metal forming processes to produce continuously a large variety of profiles with a constant cross-section in the longitudinal direction at high production rates. Flexible roll forming (FRF) is a new advanced variant of the roll forming process that has been developed to produce variable cross-section profiles that are commonly used in the automotive, railway, ship construction, and building industries. In the flexible roll forming production line, the rack of each roller is a separate unit, and the motor is separately controlled by the computer. The motor drives the rollers to move laterally according to the program. By adjusting the rotation angle and position of each roller, the cross-sectional shape of the cold-formed profile is changed to create the desired shape of the profile. The remarkable features of the flexible roll forming technology are mainly reflected in: the reasonable design of the geometrical section of the profile effectively improves the bearing capacity of the structure and reduces the weight of the structure. The reasonable combination of the current flexible roll forming can produce more complicated products.

The request for production batches that are increasingly smaller, with ever-broader product families, requires the use of suitable cold roll forming machine, with high technological content and highly automated. The automatic profile can change in just a few minutes by using flexible roll forming.

We propose solutions such as:

  1. Double or twin shoulder machines: automatic movement of rollers, installed on two separate sections, to vary the shape of a profile in height, width and thickness
  2. Revolver machine: the rotation of one or both sections of the roll former, each bearing multiple series of cantilever shafts
  3. Roll former with side-by-side and transversely mobile machines

Depending on the requirements, we also provide the technologies upstream and downstream of the roll forming process, for example, decoupling and straightening, head/tail welding, coil perforation, in-line welding, cut-to-length, in-line calendering, stacking and packing systems.

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