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Hydraulic safety device

The cylinder for realizing the hydraulic Vertical Roller Mill Production Process safety function is arranged in the connecting rod body. Before the crusher starts, start the hydraulic oil pump to fill the oil under the cylinder piston of the connecting rod body, so that the oil pressure does not exceed 200kg / cm2. Then start the main motor, the crusher works normally. When the crushing cavity enters the non-crushed object, the oil pressure of the lower cylinder of the connecting rod exceeds the specified pressure, forcing the high pressure relief valve to open, so that the oil flow of the lower cylinder releases the pressure of the upper cylinder, thus lowering the working connecting rod and thrust plate The movable jaw stops moving, and the main motor, eccentric shaft and the upper part of the connecting rod operate as usual, thus protecting the machine from damage. Stop and take out non-broken objects, and then start again.

3. Hydraulic adjustment device. Before adjusting, first loosen the nut and tie rod spring nut connecting the slider base and the rear frame, then start the oil pump, fill the oil cylinder with oil, make the piston move the slider base forward, and then Increase or decrease the gasket between the rear frame to adjust the size of the ore port, after the adjustment, unload the oil, tighten the nut between the slider base and the rear frame and readjust the nut of the drawbar spring. The adjustment is complete.

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