Stair Treads

The steel stair treads are made of grating bars, including aluminum grating, expanded grating and steel grating. Stair treads is often banded with flats and can be welded with plate(perforated stair treads or checkered plate or other plates) or not.

Aluminum grating is generally anodized or powder coating for longer lifetime. Expanded grating is usually with no surface treatment and steel grating is hot-dipped galvanized to make it anti corrosion.

The stair trends generally adopt hot galvanized technique, electro galvanized or paint surface treatment, and paint should be sprayed before antirust paint, in order to achieve long-term anti-corrosion effect.

Stair treads is a branch product of grating series, the stair trend is also called serrated bar grating stair treads, metal stair treads, metal bars for stairs, and etc. It’s applied in kinds of platforms, usually together with stanchions. They are widely used in the power plant, water plant, factories, walkways, theaters, visiting platform, parking lot and other large ground platforms for municipal engineering, environmental engineering, and etc.

Types of the Stair Trends:

1) there are two kinds of stair treads according to its installation methods, which is by welding or by bolts.

2) according to whether there is a kick plate or not, there are two kinds of stair treads, while the stair tread with kick plate is most recommended.

Application of Stair Trends:

Stair trend is mainly used for industrial platforms, ladder pedals, banister, channel floor, railway bridge, high tower platform, the drain cover, manhole covers, road barrier, three-dimensional parking lot, organs, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions, the stadium fence, garden villa. It can also be used as outer window, balcony guardrail, highway, and railway guardrail.

How to Choose the Right Stair Trends:

This is mainly based on the function of the stair trends and the using conditions. Please strictly follow the design drawings of the engineering designers. If there are many people up and down the stairs, there should be a front guard plate, conversely, you can reduce your costs by not adding front panels.

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