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Common problems in the production of brick machine

During the production of those colorful cement block making machine for sale, some customers told us that there were some defects in the fabric layer, which caused the appearance to be very unsightly. The main factors that can cause such problems are the following aspects. brick machine manufacturers hope that everyone can refer to and then compare to find out some real factors about themselves.

1. We need to observe whether the long row of brushes on the unloading cart are wearing out, and whether the residual materials on the indenter have not been cleaned and cleaned. If so, we need to replace the long row of brushes in time .

2. Carefully check the particles of the base material to see if the particles of the base material are too thick. If they are too thick, the product will protrude to the outer surface of the cloth layer when it is molded, which will cause the cloth layer. There are pits, so we need to select the raw materials according to the granularity explained by the technician.

3. Look carefully at the pits of the fabric to see if it is particularly shallow. The treatment method of this kind of problem is to adjust the length of the pre-pressing (pre-vibration) of the customized qt4-15 fly ash brick machine cloth, and then add the actual depth of the cloth pit. If the preload time of the cloth is increased, there is no way to increase the depth of the cloth pit. We can reduce the bottom material by reducing the raking time or the pre-vibration time of lowering the material.

4. Carefully observe whether the gap between the bottom frame surface of the rough car and the outer surface of the mold frame is too large, which may cause the residual material to be left on the outer surface of the mold frame when the material car is returned. The way to deal with this kind of problem is to carefully check the pallet of the qt4-15 fly ash brick machine (when there is unevenness in the thickness of the pallet, it will make the gap between the surface of the rough car bottom frame and the outer surface of the mold frame sometimes large and small Leftover material will be left.) Therefore, we need to adjust the height and level of the guide rail of the material truck, so that the worktable under the material truck and the appearance of the mold frame can be kept horizontal.



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