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Precautions for construction of geomembrane welding machine

Precautions for the construction of geomembrane welding machine: The quality of the plastic geocells manufacturers seam affects the following projects. Generally, the seam can be glued or geomembrane welding machine.

The two membranes of the geomembrane should be reserved for 10–20 cm sides, select the geomembrane welding machine corresponding to the weld, adjust the gap between the geomembrane at the joint, ensure the width of the joint, flat, without wrinkles, and dust Wait. Geomembrane welding machine hot welding is the heating of the surface of the PE high quality plastic geocells, which is heated by the pressure roller to melt them.

Adjust the temperature and rate when welding with the geomembrane welding machine, and use the hot air torch to repair the places that can not be welded by the geomembrane welding machine.

Friendly reminder of the manufacturer of plastic geocells for sale welding machine: Geomembrane thickness less than 0.25mm should be bonded with KS glue. If it is too thin, air holes or damage can occur and the anti-seepage effect cannot be achieved. The laid geomembrane should be welded and tested.


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