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Solution to Pressure Shortage of Block Machine

Insufficient pressure of high quality block making machine in stock will lead to loose and easy fracture of products. Under the condition of the correct proportion of raw materials, what causes the insufficient pressure of the cement brick making machine?

1. The pressure adjustment of the lower die of the die is too large: the pressure adjustment of the lower die is too large, which inhibits the vibration pressure of the vibrator. The pressure of the separate pressure regulating valve corresponding to the oil pipe on the lower die supporting cylinder should be gradually reduced until the vibration force of the machine can be fully exerted.

2. If it is found during the production of high quality block making machine in stock that the high pressure is occasionally low, the pressing force and the exhaust are normal, but the high pressure is occasionally unstable, then there is no fault in the judgment circuit. It may be that the air pressure is occasionally unstable or the electromagnetic tightness controlling the high pressure occasionally leaks, or the throttle valve is worn. First, we need to check the air pressure system, and then check the solenoid valve and valve block.

3. When it is found that the system pressure is too low and block making machine in stock moves slowly, first check the system pressure of the small pump overflow valve and the large pump proportional valve respectively according to the pressure of the large and small pump pressure gauges and the movement of the equipment. Seal plays a key role in the use of low price concrete block making machine stock. Because once the seal has a problem, it is directly related to the brick making effect. If there is an oil leak in the seal, it should be solved in time, so as to ensure the normal production of brick machine. The sealing oil leakage of brick machine can be divided into interface leakage, seepage leakage and destructive leakage, which are the main reasons affecting the instability of the pressure system of the cement brick machine. It is better to replace the whole set of sealing elements, and then remove impurities from the hydraulic oil of block making machine in stock at any time through a high-precision circulating filtration system. When the oil temperature often exceeds 60 degrees, the viscosity of hydraulic oil drops greatly, and the sealing ring expands, ages and fails, resulting in leakage of the hydraulic system. According to research, every 10C increase in oil temperature will halve the life of the seal.

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