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Aluminum grating for flooring

HY aluminum grating is swaged with no welding points, it’s light, solid, environmental friendly. Aluminum grille is usually used as aluminum grate flooring and sunscreen panels.

Swaged aluminum grate is the most widely used for flooring, it’s easy to be installed and with good bearing capacity.

I-bar grating is widely used as catwalk grating or sidewalk grating as the I bar type and the narrow spacing make I bar grating more humanistic to allow high-heeled shoes going through, it ensures the security for women. There is another type grating similar to I bar grating which is T bar grating, it’s made up T type flat bars and cross bars. T bar grating is pretty beautiful, could also be used as flooring.

Pressure locked grating is stronger and heavier than swaged aluminum grating and I bar grating, as it’s combined with two flat bars, crossing them together by hygration pressure. As replaced cross bars with flat bars, press lock grating pretty heavy and strong, mainly used in areas when needing high bearing capacity.

Flush top grating could also be called dove tail grating, it can be used as flooring, it’s heavier and stronger than swaged aluminum grating but not that strong as press lock grating.

For all the aluminum grate flooring, plain or serrated surface is available. Serrated surface makes it anti slip which could be used in areas requiring skid resistance.

HY Industry is one of the most professional aluminum grating manufacturers in China, specialized in designing and manufacturing of full line of aluminum & steel products, including aluminum & steel grating, swaged aluminum louvers, grating stair treads, stanchions.

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