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Processing quality of filament geotextile

The filament geotextile is directly made by spinning needle consolidation, arranged in a three-dimensional structure with good vertical and horizontal drainage performance, good extension performance and chemical stability such as biological resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. Let’s reveal the processing quality of plastic geocells factory price.

The tensile strength of the filament is higher than that of the short filament. Due to the softness of the fiber, it has tear resistance, as well as a wider pore size range, tortuous pore distribution, permeability and filtration performance.

The wholesale HDPE geocell has the characteristics of good water permeability and small pores, and is used as the drainage and filter body of the earth-rock dam, sluice, dike, retaining wall and other projects. Make the seepage flow through the filter body smoothly, effectively reduce the infiltration line, reduce the infiltration pressure, effectively protect the stability of the particles in the soil, and improve the stability of the dam slope.

In order to prevent water flow from eroding channels and coastal slopes, geomembrane manufacturers mainly choose polyester staple fiber needle punched nonwoven fabric, filament spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextile, HDPE geocell for sale, and split membrane Silk woven geotextile, etc.

According to the specific requirements of the project, the materials are made into products that meet the specifications and used as temporary projects or water and soil bags. The geomembrane manufacturers of bags made of woven geotextiles are similar to straw bales and filled with soil materials. They can be used for ballasting, clogging caves, filling vortex pits and collapse. The processing quality of filament geotextile is constantly improving.


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