Flower Shelf

There are various types of flower shelves, among which the grille flower shelf is characterized by its lively modeling, colorful color, they have created the landscape which integrates the use function and the scenery appreciation together. And we use aluminum grille to make outdoor flower shelf, it is wrapped with vines for ornamental purposes. Its main functions are as follows:

  1. Organizational space

As a building sketch, the metal flower shelf itself has certain internal space and external extension space. Compared with other garden spaces (such as buildings, plants, etc.), it has two characteristics. That is the dual nature of three-dimensional space and four-dimensional plant space. Therefore, the metal grate shelving can not only complete the function of the organization space independently but also form a compound garden space with other garden elements.

  1. Composition landscape

It has independent or relatively independent design characteristics in the form of plane composition, facade shape and color. Together with the close combination of climbing plants, it is a landscape form that combines hard landscape with the soft landscape. So, whether it is the flower shelf of the independent landscape, or the flower shelf attached to the structure of the building, it has a positive landscape effect.

  1. Sunshade rest

Garden space is a landscape that provides a place for outdoor viewing, sightseeing and rest. In the green space, the structure of the floor grille shelving provides visitors with a transparent sunshade, the climbing and covering of the vine makes it have a sunshade function at the top, and ensure the freshness of the air.

Application of Metal Shelving:

In the residential area and children’s playfield, the flower shelf is available for rest, shade and cool; If you use a flower shelf instead of a porch, you can enlarge the space. A lattice climbing vine can separate the scene. Metal Floor grate shelving can be applied in tea rooms, restaurants, etc.,; A flower shelf can also be used to decorate doors.

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