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I got 100 mil as a player in Treasure Hunter and I don’t wish to squander it

Stormguard has such a Zelda/Metroid Prime vibe to it, and I really like it. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this Temple of Ikov function as the entry point; that near PoF so that it should be accessible even without the Journal. It’s also fine for the winrsgold region around the Mobilizing Armies HQ to have something of interest. South Feldip has felt like such a waste of space because it went, so it’ll be great to have something to do there which isn’t Oo’mid-level Divination, or the entrance to the Ascension temple. Everlight looks alright, also, though it’s honestly IMO the least interesting digsite (though I am definitely looking forward to exploring the Lighthouse interiors). The Icyene themselves have never really been explored in detail before so we’re ready to fix a few.

Sounds terrific. Makes sense that the e is pronounced since they are based on historical Greece. I have always pronounced it“eye-seen“, however, I think sounds better.If you opt not to bring Zanik back in Elegy, the task of guarding Soul Wars drops into Zimberfizz ashes (the dialogue transcript for that character is, uh, actually somethin‘). Now that Zanik’s relocated into the Warforge!, and that I commas immediately exclamation marks is the point we’re at today, then perhaps Zimberfizz ashes can rise to the occasion once again.

I got 100 mil in Treasure Hunter as a player

I got 100 mil as a player in Treasure Hunter and I don’t wish to squander it. I am not trying to brag, I don’t know wtf I am supposed to do for this money. I am a really new participant (400 total levels) and I need to place it back into getting more cash or skilling, or at least that is what I believe I must do. I have not become a mechanisms and abilities like homes or crafting. Thank you guys beforehand!

Hold it. Early game skilling can be accomplished through training that was casual and quests. It’s the push throughout the several levels where costs start to pile up. Alternately, spend it on combat equipment. Assuming you spend time killing things naturally. I’d be ready to say hold off cb gear a bit 20, if they’re a player. My ironman accounts has complete T60 gear from functioning mining and smithing, so T70 and up is all they have to buy unless they want to create the degradable equipment.

As others have stated, stick it cheap RuneScape gold on your own bank and forget about it, once your skills begin getting 75 go right ahead and begin to use it on buyables and gear, rather equipment which can enable you to get it back. Go to the wiki and also look at the list of money making guides, pick one you’d love to do and once you’re close to the level to do it use that 100m on equipment, gear, prayer /herb, etc..

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