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Basalt Crushing Process Technology

Basalt is hard to be broken because of its high hardness and high silicon content. Therefore, the basalt crushing production line requires multistage crushing, and the crushing equipment based on lamination principle should be selected as much as possible to reduce the wear-resistant parts loss.

Typical technology of basalt crushing is jaw crusher plus fine crusher or jaw crusher plus cone crusher.  If the customer has higher requirements for the final stone particle type, it can be configured with impact breaking for integral crushing to form a three-stage crushing process configuration. The investment cost of three-stage crushing is relatively high, but the production cost of three-stage crushing is very considerable for a long-term operation of a gravel plant.

Brief introduction of basalt crushing technology

Basalt is a kind of excellent aggregate, which is not easy to be broken. Generally, three-stage crushing process is adopted to reduce the operation cost. The medium and small output basalt crushing production line usually adopts two-stage jaw breaking + impact breaking process configuration. The two-stage jawbone can reduce the size of basalt to 60mm, and the third stage crusher can be used for integral crushing, so as to achieve the crushing effect of excellent grain size and low wear cost.

The basalt crushing process of large production basalt can adopt the process configuration of jawbone + cone breaking + impact breaking. The cone crusher can control the particle size of basalt to 50 mm, and the third stage crusher can conduct integral crushing. The power consumption and wear cost of cone crusher are relatively low, but the investment cost is relatively high.

For the basalt crushing production line with low grain size requirements, the third stage crusher can be cancelled. Although the particle size is poor and the proportion of needle and flake stone is high, the operation cost and investment cost can be greatly reduced. Of course, the price of sand and stone with poor grain size will be lower. As railway ballast stone, it does not need to be equipped with impact breaking.

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