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Broken limestone broken with a hammer

What equipment is good for Stone Quarrying Process Line limestone? Throughout the mining machine market, there are many machines that can be used to crush limestone, such as: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, heavy hammer crusher, compound crusher, etc., but from the perspective of actual effect It is better to use broken hammer to break limestone. Why do you say this? The reasons are as follows:

A broken shape. Integrated crushing and shaping machine, with large feeding granularity , adjustable feeding granularity, changing three-stage crushing to one-stage crushing, process simplification, one-broken shaping, no need for secondary shaping and crushing, which increases efficiency and reduces 35% equipment investment;

Durable. Snail shell design, back ribs, strong internal and external impact resistance, strong and non-deformable shell, good selection of wear-resistant parts, manganese-chromium alloy hammer head, long life; adjustable output granularity. Change the way the grate strips control the size of the discharged particles in the past, and one person can adjust the particle size with a wrench to adjust the bolt; Green. The airtight body design, coupled with the external dust removal and noise reduction and spraying devices, ensures that the equipment production process meets national environmental protection requirements.

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