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Medium crusher is good for impact crusher

Why is it better to fight back? First of all, impact Construction Waste Crusher adopts impact crushing, which has a good grain shape and less powder, which can be sold at a good price. Furthermore, compared with cone crushing, which is also a commonly selected crushing machine, impact crushing not only has low investment costs, but also works The process noise is small, so it is recommended to use an impact crusher for second-degree crushing of bluestone;

Super fine crushing sand selection impact crusher. The impact crusher has two crushing modes that can be switched freely. „Stone stone“ is suitable for shaping, „stone stone“ is suitable for sand making, and the output is mostly cubic and the bulk density is large; the air flow inside the vortex chamber self-circulates and less dust , Low noise; small equipment size, easy operation, easy installation and maintenance.

The above three types of bluestone crushers are divided into many models. It is important to know that although different types of bluestone crushers can meet the users‘ processing capabilities, their technical performance, electrical power, and feed particle size are different. According to your actual situation and the model you need to buy, as for which model is suitable for you, please also have a specific exchange with our technical staff.

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