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8 ways to improve the service life of sand making machine

Sand making machine is an important equipment of machine-made sand production line. The efficiency of sand making machine is related to the output of production line. Only by extending the service life of sand making machine provided that attainable can it have the ability to make extra worth. So how to improve the service life of sand making machine?

At present, the subject of prolonging the service existence in the sand making machine issues every single mining machinery manufacturing firm. You’ll find eight strategies that could aid to prolong the support daily life of sand making machine.

(1) In advance of beginning sand making machine, the employees should check out the whirling movement chamber observe door is tightly closed in order to prevent the resources from bursting out of the door.

(2) Test the rotation path of the impeller in the path with the material feeding mouth on the sand making machine. The impeller must rotate at the counter-clockwise path; otherwise the employees need to change the wiring connection in the motor.

(3) The commencing buy of the sand making machine and the conveying gear is: materials discharging →sand making machine →materials feeding; the crusher really should be begun without any resources in it and it can be fed into materials following ordinary operation. The stopping purchase is opposite on the starting purchase.

(4) The components feeding granularity of sand making machine need to strictly conform to your stipulation, along with the elements whose granularity is bigger than the stipulated are forbidden to be sent in for the crusher, or they’re going to cause imbalance and over-abrasion from the impeller as well as block the impeller passageway and also the central material feeding pipe and then the crusher won’t be able to operate ordinarily. Because of this, if some supplies with as well substantial granularity go to the crushing chamber, they should be removed from the crushing chamber right away.

(5) In the event the material discharging device of sand making machine stops working, then the workers really should instantly quit feeding products; otherwise the impeller will be broken along with the electric motor could be burned.

(6) The materials feeding for that sand making machine should be steady and uniform.

(7) During the operational process of your crusher, there needs to be no fierce vibration and abnormal noise, if there exists any such problems, the staff should really stop the machine and examine it.

(8) Immediately after the crusher finishes a shift, the staff ought to add reasonable lubricating grease inside the machine.


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