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The titles of of the canifis werevolves are slavic in character

I really struggle to see how it was conducive, or RuneScape gold detrimental. After I did quests around that area I wasnt thinking”haha look at those dumb arabians with each of their titles being the same”, nor did I think any less of arabians or their civilization because all the characters shared the same title. It turned out to be a fun and positive experience that didnt affect the way I see arabians AT ALL. Idk is sort of my triggerpoint into where Im beginning to think some folks are just looking for offensive items where there arent any.Some suggestions to make runescape more diverse

Since Jagex eventually did what everyone was asking for, and changed the desert Ali’s names to more varied range, I believe there are some additional areas Jagex could improve on, since I think Gielinor has a lot of opportunities to go away from bigoted and shallow stereotypes, while enabling a more varied range of different individuals to be symbolized. Seriously? They are called small men and women. Calling them names is remarkably insulting, and word Dwarf has long been a deragatory term used to describe individuals that are born shorter, which makes them one dimensional personalities.

The titles of of the canifis werevolves are slavic in character, and paints Slavs as enraged, bloodthirsty and suspicious characters. I mean they become 3 times as strong and walk around like people you can slaughter, but they show it was a ruse, after you strike them. Slavs are not the only ones with dubious nature, it is a universal trait, and various groups are being poorly represented by it. We Are in Need of a werewolf called Tony and Habib.

Penguins are one-dimensional russian reference, shooting over the entire world and always talking about the motherland. It’s a reference to the 90s, and has no time in a modern game like runescape. Why is that the knights are the ones that are bad, and Old School RuneScape Gold also the White knights are the great ones? Furthermore, they’re nameless drones just chilling and plotting to do evil. Each of of the knights possess names that are intriguing and Sir name, what is up with that? It does not seem good time to go away with those stereotypes Jagex.

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