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where can we get antimony ore minefield

antimony deposit received massive exploration and Construction Waste Crusher development, and introduce The blast furnace volatile antimony concentrate smelting technology.the company attaches great importance to antimony gold Deep processing, accelerate the pace of introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation, changed the past only sell antimony ores in nigeria, concentrates and the practice of raw products such as antimony ingot, releasing the independent development of deep processing of antimony trioxide etc series products.The high value-added products, is the original ore price several times, even more than a dozen times

Industrial manufacturing method is first roasting antimony, reoccupy carbon reduction at high temperature, or is directly with metallic iron reduction stibnite. The purpose of antimony metal antimony purposes. Antimony USES a lot of, is the biggest use of antimony and lead and tin metal alloy, and used in lead-acid battery plate of lead antimony alloy.Antimony and lead and tin alloy can be used to improve the welding material, bullets, and the performance of the bearing.

Antimony can lead to formation of the wide range of USES of antimony alloy hardness compared with mechanical strength are improved.Most of the use of lead antimony belong to any number of occasions to alloy.In lead-acid batteries, the additive change electrode properties, and can reduce the discharge of by-product hydrogen generation.Antimony also for anti-friction alloy , the bullet, lead, cable jacket, type metal, solder (some lead-free solder containing 5% antimony), lead, tin, antimony alloy, and hardening of the organ of the alloy containing tin is less.

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