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Concrete Batching Plant-Supporting Equipment Selection Principle

Although China’s infrastructure has slowed down in the past two years, regardless of the region, infrastructure construction has never stopped, and many large-scale construction projects are still ongoing. The construction of these projects cannot be separated from the concrete. Use of mixing station. The concrete batching plant provides the most practical basic equipment necessary for the construction of the project, and a set of concrete batching plant equipment is composed of equipment with different functions, and each system is indispensable. First, choose a hzs35 stationary concrete batching plant supplier with a solid foundation in popularity and professionalism.

How to choose suitable supporting equipment for concrete batching plant? Many customers are inquiring about this issue and will introduce to you in detail the purchasing skills and methods of supporting equipment commonly used in the concrete batching plant.

1. Selection of sand and stone supply equipment
Commonly used sand and stone supply equipment are belt conveyors as well as hoppers and weighing devices. 10m or 15m mobile belt conveyor can be selected according to the terrain and layout of the mixing station; bucket loaders, buckets or grab excavators, U and electronic metering devices can also be used. Appropriate types can be selected according to existing equipment and construction conditions.

2. Selection of cement supply equipment in China hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant. Cement is a powdery hydraulic cementitious material, which must be sealed and waterproofed during transportation. The batching machine and other aspects need to pay attention to the design structure of the storage bin and the blanking prevention, which directly test the equipment level of an enterprise. At present, the most widely used cement supply equipment includes screw conveyors, rotary feeders, bucket elevators or compressed air conveyance. Among them, compressed air conveyance is the best, but the power consumption is large.

3. For the selection of material dosing equipment in concrete batching plants
The material used for concrete should be determined by experimental calculation to determine the mix ratio according to the required strength of the structure. To ensure that the specified technical requirements are met, various materials must be metered using weighing equipment. Material dosing equipment consists of a feeder and a weigher, and the feeder plays the role of uniform feeding.

Commonly used sand and stone crushing and crushing equipment will be directly supplied by professional manufacturing companies such as HAOMEI Machinery. In this way, the quality of the entire production line equipment can be strictly controlled to form its quality management system, providing customers with long-term, stable Quality, and service. And many other companies, because they do not have such strength, it is difficult to control the quality of the supporting equipment in the entire production line. This will easily lead to low matching and reasonableness. Naturally, there will be some small problems and stoppages. Such things appear. Therefore, when selecting the supporting equipment of the concrete batching plant, it is also necessary to consult and refer to established enterprises such as HAOMEI Machinery, and it should not affect the later operation due to carelessness.

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