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Choose from a variety of mobile crusher models

In order to better meet the needs of the Construction Waste Crusher general public, there are many other classifications of mobile crushing equipment, such as: jaw crushing mobile crushers for coarse crushing, counter impact mobile crushers for two-stage fine crushing, and mobile crushing cone crushers. The output is from 50-650t / h, and customers can choose according to their actual operation needs.

This stone crushing machine is our machine developed a new crawler type mobile crushing station according to customer needs. It has strong processing capacity, multiple functions, both hard and thick materials, and its output is amazing. The whole machine is 19 meters long, 3.9 meters wide and 3.8 meters high. The appearance design is more user-friendly. The chassis adopts an all-steel ship structure with high strength and intelligent remote control operation. It can remotely control the machine.

The hydraulic system drives the crawler to walk stably and reliably without fear of severe working conditions; the power system uses well-known brand motors, and the power is strong and the quality is more stable; the electrical control part adopts an intelligent control system to ensure that the main engine runs smoothly in time, and its equipped generator set guarantees continuous operation Operations, reduce losses, solve the “distant regions”, “difficult to transport”, “no water and no electricity” difficulties, and achieve “what is broken, walk while breaking”. In addition, the important point is that it is more environmentally friendly, low noise pollution during operation, and less dust and fumes.

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