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How Cilico Smart Temperature Reader Help for Epidemic Prevention

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Join us this coming 9:00 PM(GMT+8) Friday, 3 April, for a complimentary webinar, and hear from Cilico Sales Director Kerry talk about IoT technology can play a technological advantage in public epidemic prevention and how CILICO Smart Handheld Temperature Reader help epidemic prevention.

As COVID-19 is spreading in cities, provinces, and across nations, even continents, most of the countries closed the border, factories, companies, schools and shops. To help epidemic preventing, body temperature test is an effective way. Even now the virus is under control in China, the temp test will maintain for months or longer time.

CILICO quickly developed a great Android device C6(T) with our 20 years’ experience in AIDC industry. It was widely deployed in community, enterprises, scenic entrance, schools etc. in China. The device supports body temp test, identification (ID card, passport), barcodes, GPS multi functions, can check the current health status, identity, track the moving path, analyze the data information, find the close contacts…

During this special time, we hope our global partners, customers can help to promote the device to contribute our technology for epidemic preventing, meanwhile to bring you some business.

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