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I have ever laid eyes on

This time, he has been digging up some advice about RuneScape gold someplace called Warforge! Let’s have a look. Those crackpot wizards in Yanille reported that a strange blue glow emanating from the direction of Oo’glog some months ago, but it wasn’t until recently that anybody bothered to parade down and have a look — but goodness, I’m glad they did!

It seems as though the current dismantling of this Mobilising Armies arena bothered and somehow this disruption must have attracted the origin of the glow: a dozen or even more little creatures whom I’ve tentatively named’Time Sprites’. It seems they are just as interested in the history of Gielinor as we are!

They led us to a trove of those artefacts that were strangest I have ever laid eyes on. Shields, helmets, and mail, all adorned with goblin symbols, but of layout that was such that I can’t imagine they were produced from the goblins themselves. I have sent a sample off to 2 of our very prestigious goblin experts to see if they could offer some answers.I don’t know what I anticipated. Neither of the Goblin Generals could tell me anything about the artefacts they sent themand what’s worse, a number of the objects came back together with goblin-shaped dents in!

Interesting that they say the Warforge! Though… that name has cropped up in quite a few of those Feldip Hills histories I am reading. From what I could tell, it had been some sort of army institution, closely affiliated with Bandos and his cousins. But the records do not say much about what went on there — only that youthful goblins were shipped in, and warriors came out. Scary stuff!

They locate if only there was someone intelligent out there that has no urge to buy RS gold and understanding of goblin civilization. I can’t think. Maybe I’ll go check on the Monolith! I woke just now beyond the window to the noise of something. Once I opened the casement to investigate a letter dropped, although I thought it could be those blasted journal thieves! It seems I have an source of information and what juicy information it’s!

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