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Environmental protection steel slag mill

Steel slag is a by-product in the Tin Ore Mining Process process. There are two main ways for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag as a secondary resource. One is to recycle it as a smelting solvent in our factory. Other useful elements; the other is used as a raw material for road building materials, building materials or agricultural fertilizers.

For industrial solid waste, we recommend vertical mill equipment to help steel slag projects achieve efficient production. The vertical mill is a mill equipment that meets the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction production. It integrates crushing, grinding, classification, drying and powder collection. All performance indicators have been greatly improved, and the equipment has a simple process and low noise. , Small dust, easy to use and maintain, low operating costs, low consumption of wear-resistant materials, is the mainstream equipment in the grinding industry.

So, how much does this environmentally friendly steel slag mill need? The price of the equipment needs to be determined in combination with the selection plan of the production line. Each grinding project has different requirements for product fineness, capacity, equipment installation environment, etc., so the obtained production line solutions will also be different. Therefore, I want to work out a reasonable grinding powder. Machine price, you need to understand the project production needs in advance, so as to obtain a more reasonable mill price.

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